Total Z equipment for additive manufacturing

Total Z — first company in Russia, which started serial production of industrial 3D printers.

AnyForm PRO series with active heated chamber up to 300 allow to print from all thermoplastics available on market, including high-performance materials as PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM 9085, ULTEM 1010, PSU, PPSU, PEI, etc.

AnyForm PRO series are widely used by aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and agricultural industries.
AnyForm 450-PRO
Compact and the most affordable industrial Total Z PRO series 3D printer. Build volume 450×450×450 mm is appropriate for the majority of engineering tasks.
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AnyForm 500-PRO
Mobile and space saving 3D printer, which goes through a standard office doorway from 900 mm wide. Build volume up to 500 mm (XYZ).
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AnyForm 650-PRO
3D printer with build volume 650×500×650 mm. Suitable for tasks when larger build volume is needed, but it’s impossible to install full-size industrial 3D printer due to the lack of space or specific power connection requirements.
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AnyForm 950-PRO
3D printer with build volume 950×650×950 mm. Wide range of options like vacuum table, video control, remote desktop and automatic plastic change provide full control of the printing process and comfortable use.
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AnyForm 1200-PRO
One of the largest industrial 3D printers with heated chamber on market. Build volume — 1200×650×1200 mm allows to build a one-piece large-scale model or make a small batch in one print session.
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High-performance Total Z LPRO series FDM 3D printers

AnyForm LPRO series 3D printers have large build volume and compact outer dimesions in comparison with PRO series. They have more affordable price and are easier to maintain.

AnyForm LPRO series 3D printers allow to print with wide range of impact-resistant, composite, flexible, designer thermoplastics with explotaition temperature up to 130°ะก and tensile strenth more than 50 MPa.
AnyForm 1000-LPRO
3D printer for fast large scale prints with enclosed chamber and build volume 1200×1000×1000 mm. Thermoglass heat bed with temperature up to 130°ะก on all surface, even on the edges, and high performance double extruder printhead allow to create big impressive prints.
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AnyForm S1000 LPRO
This printer goes through a standard office doorway, but offers an impressive 1000×500×900 mm build volume and enclosed chamber.
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Desktop Total Z G3 series 3D printers

Desktop Total Z G3 series 3D printers are the best solution for rapid prototyping using a wide range of engineering and designer filaments.

Total Z AnyForm SLS 3D-printers

Printing process is layer-by-layer sintering of powder materials (polyamides, plastic), using a laser beam. No need for support structures.

AnyForm SLS 250
For printing objects with complex geometry. SLS technology allows you to print products with moving parts.The characteristics in terms of strength, flexibility, detailing and thermal stability meet the requirements of high-tech industries.
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Drying and post-processing equipment

Vacuum filament dryer
Removes moisture from hygroscopic filaments before printing. Reduces the risk of plastic «boiling», extruder breakage, reducing strength and deterioration of print’s surface quality.
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Solvent vapor baths
Post processing centre for chemical surface treatment. Smooth surface can be achieved for 3D prints from ABS, ASA, PLA, SPS, HIPS plastics.
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Ultrasonic baths
Machines for physical and chemical post-processing of models. Remove soluble HIPS or PVA support plastic from finished 3D print’s surfaces. Clean supports from places inaccessible for manual processing.
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