Buy Vacuum filament dryer Total Z D5

The vacuum drying chamber allows to dry 4 spools up to 2,5 kg simultaneously.

The operator sets the drying time and temperature using the touch screen. All subsequent control over drying, including the degree of vacuum in the working chamber, is carried out automatically thanks to built-in sensors.

Maximum temperature — 150°С. Perfect for drying high‑temperature plastics — Ultem 9085/1010, PEI, PEEK, PEKK, PSU, etc.
Vacuum technology allows to dry plastic in the most quick and effective way, throughout the whole spool
Big capacity — up to 4 spools, 2,5‑3 kg each simultaneously
Touch screen controls
Perfect for preparing high temperature hygroscopic materials
Forced hot air circulation system up to 150°С
Improves 3D printing quality and helps to increase service life of extruders
3D printing quality depends not only on the characteristics of the 3D printer. The strength of the product is already formed at the stage of storage and preparation materials for printing.

Materials must be completely free of moisture before printing. For expensive high-performance plastics as PEEK, ULTEM, PSU, etc. this condition becomes critical. Most of them are highly hygroscopic and easily absorb moisture from the environment even at the production stage.;на этапе производства.

Consequences of printing with moisture‑saturated plastics:
— «Boiling» of plastic, decrease in the strength of the prints;
— gaps in filament feed;
— breakdown of the extruder;
— deterioration of the surface quality of the prints.

Drying chamber prepare plastics before printing. Removing excess moisture ensures high quality of the prints.
Total Z D5 filament dryer specification
Maximum capacity
4 spools
Spool characteristics
standard up to 2,5-3 kg, depending on density metal Total Z spools for high‑temperature plastics
Maximum chamber temperature
up to 150 ⁰С
Temperature control range
40-150 ⁰С
Maximum vacuum pressure
0,3 atm
Touch screen for manual control of time and temperature
Automatic vacuum control
+, with a vacuum sensor in the chamber
Automatic temperature control
+, thermal sensor in the chamber
Outer dimensions (XYZ, mm)
105 kg
Inner dimensions (XYZ, mm)
Chamber volume, m3
0,06 m3
Body material
structural carbon steel 08 ps
Chamber material
stainless steel
220-230 V
Current frequency
50 Hz
Max. power consumption
2,8 kWt

Other post processing equipment

Solvent vapor baths
Post processing centre for chemical surface treatment.

Smooth surface can be achieved for 3D prints from ABS, ASA, PLA, SPS, HIPS plastics.
Ultrasonic baths
Ultrasonic bath implements the physicochemical method of post‑processing.

This equipment helps to remove soluble supports, made from HIPS and PVA, from the surface of 3D prints including hard‑to‑reach places.